Another Day, Another Man Proposing to a Woman on a Billboard

Do you have to blindfold her, though?

The poorly punctuated but deepy heartfelt roadside-billboard marriage proposal is the most romantic gesture going across much of America. This time it happened in Fort Worth, Texas, where architect Tony Mancil commissioned a digital board to display the message "I love you Mimi. Will you marry me?" to attorney Mimi Coffey. Since she accepted, the billboard will now display his response: "She said yes! Mimi you have made me the luckiest man ever!" Tony also upheld the tradition of blindfolding his soon-to-be fiancee and having her turn her cellphone off before driving her to the site, which is weirdly common among guys who do this. I mean, I get that they're trying to build atmosphere, but so many horror movies start off like that. It's like they're asking to be misinterpreted. Photos: Joyce Marshall/Star-Telegram.

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