Another bizarro beverage from Anheuser-Busch

Back in February, my husband and I did a taste test of Bud Extra (known, alternatively, as B to the E), which contains "caffeine, ginseng and guarana extract and natural flavor.” His first words were, “it ain’t beer,” while I thought it tasted like Sucrets. Now, I’ve read in one of AdFreak’s sister publications (sorry, you can only view an abstract unless you have a sub) that Anheuser-Busch has launched an even newer strange brew (er, energy beverage), called Tilt, which, in addition to the aforementioned substances, contains a healthy dose of raspberry flavoring. As for that four-pack of Bud Extra we used in our long-ago taste test, we recently threw the rest of it out. These energy drinks are aimed at people who want a good caffeine/alcohol jolt to last them well into the night. Once you have children, you’re no longer in the demo.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor