Anna Kendrick Will Gently Blow Your Mind With Her Take on Reddit’s ‘Shower Thoughts’

Glamour gets goofy

Glamour magazine isn't known for it's Internet-savvy marketing. But when you put Anna Kendrick on the cover, you have to do something special to celebrate the occasion.

So, they had the Pitch Perfect 2 star recite some of Reddit's "Shower Thoughts," which are pretty much the same as SNL's old "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handey—but on the Internet. Anna even throws a few of her own in there. Simple, smart and effective.

If you're familiar with "Shower Thoughts," you will have heard most of these before, but somehow the magic of Kendrick, an advertising darling who hasn't had a miss with a campaign, elevates those old lines into true stoner mind-blowing territory. (Not that it's exactly groundbreaking—you can, after all, also watch Cookie Monster's "Shower Thoughts" for The Watercooler or Nick Offerman's "Shower Thoughts" for Mashable.)

After just one day, it's already one of the most popular videos on Glamour's YouTube. Peep at all the other videos on the channel, and you'll see this is really out of character for them. But it's perfect for the Internet.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.