Animation Company Has a Brilliant Comeback to Woman’s ‘I Quit’ Dance Video

Want to see some moves?

Marina Shifrin broke it down for her employer—literally and figuratively—when she created a video announcing that she's quit her job while dancing to Kanye West's "Gone." Not to be shamed, shunned or outdone, the remaining staffers at Shifrin's not-so-bereft former company, Next Media Animation, created their own video. In it, they're dancing to the same song, telling Shifrin, "It's fine, good luck, we're hiring, aaaand also, we're cooler than you."

Noteworthy scenes include shots of the company pool/sauna, a man perfectly executing the Cabbage Patch from the women's restroom, and company-wide choreography to close out the video. If you can hear it, that's the sound of millennials everywhere withdrawing their support from Shifrin and frantically shooting their résumés over to the obviously hip Next Media Animation.

UPDATE: Interesting theory below.