Animated Human Faces Are Getting Frighteningly Real

Janimation video will haunt your dreams

How lifelike are animated faces getting? Check out the video below from Janimation. "This is a test on some facial animation R & D we've been working on here at Janimation," one of the engineers explains. "We used Softimage Face Robot as a base and then used our own ICE tech, Zbrush for modeling the head and its facial shapes, and of course Arnold to polish it off." It is pretty cool—scary, in fact—but I feel like I see something like this every year or so and then never hear about it again. Of course, it could just be lots of overlapping video-game companies announcing new developments and then getting bought out or going bankrupt—such is the way of the industry. Anyway, I hope they continue to improve this kind of stuff, because a pool of S1m0ne-esque spokesrenders would save ad agencies the trouble of badly Photoshopping celebrities for their campaigns. Via Creativity.