Animal House meets Mobisode 101

Some students at my alma mater, Boston University, are producing a sitcom, Res.Life, for MTV’s college channel, MTVU. The show will follow the trials and tribulations of resident assistants struggling to maintain order at one of the school’s party-hearty urban dorms. Beyond the 30-minute pilot, some one- or two-minute mobile-phone episodes are also on tap. Note to filmmakers: Celebrity cameos can boost ratings, so try to work in the Beanpot Tournament-winning BU Terriers hockey team. (It’s basic cable, so I’d avoid a shower scene. Maybe they can just spill out of an elevator, wearing their jerseys and hoisting the championship cup.) And I think it goes without saying: Back when I was in school, we walked miles to class, phones had cords, we watched TV on 12-inch screens … and we liked it! Also, that was when MTV still played music. [Photo: Lisa Hornak/Boston Herald]

—Posted by David Gianatasio