Angry Cheeseburger Defends Itself in 265-Word McDonald’s Ad

'What more can a human being ask for?' it wonders

Do you want your McDonald's food talking to you? A cheeseburger does in this print ad from DDB Stockholm—which, at 265 words, is surely one of the longest-copy ads ever written for a fast-food sandwich. The burger, which is out to stridently defend its half-namesake ingredient, gets comically irritated at times, clearly put off by society's vilification of cheese. "How can that cheese not be for you?" it asks toward the end. "It melts in your mouth, for God's sake, it melts in your mouth." No stranger to making offbeat McDonald's ads, this office of DDB might have bitten off more than it can chew with this one—as the cheese on a McDonald's burger is not, as a rule, the kind of cheese you write home about. The writer, Magnus Jakobsson, is also no stranger to long-form copy, having done notable ads recently for Swedish pop-culture retailer Papercut. Larger image of the text from the new McDonald's ad below.