Angry and Inebriated? Why Not Drunk-Dial Congress?

Mobile ad firm creates the ultimate shutdown site

Government shutdown driving you to drink? Maybe now's a good time to drunk-dial Congress. Revolution Messaging, a mobile advertising firm that reps political clients, probably had some free time during the shutdown, so the team invented a platform that allows you to randomly dial a member of Congress and start screaming. The microsite,, even helpfully provides topics and drink recipes. As a marketing tactic, Revolution Messaging has found a great way to keep its business top of mind even when members of Congress are out of their damn minds. The beauty of the platform is the random-calling feature. Because everyone in Congress is to blame when no one can watch the panda. Party politics aside, we’ve all got a reason to get pissed.

UPDATE: In the end, the site got 785,000 visitors—100,000 of whom actually drunk-dialed Congress. "Our team is proud, once again, to donate our calling technology via and help Americans communicate with elected officials who are supposedly working for us," says Scott Goodstein, Revolution Messaging's founder and CEO. "Our hope is that these calls will remind Members that their job is to solve problems, not create unnecessary new ones that just piss us off."