Andy’s mojo is rising for AmEx

One of our favorite tennis ads was Ogilvy & Mather’s American Express spot in which Andy Roddick goes shopping for towels, testing them by draping them over his head and sitting motionless, as though he were courtside. For this year’s U.S. Open, Ogilvy and AmEx have built a campaign around Roddick trying to find his “mojo,” which has deserted him—and is personified by a fun-loving guy who runs around New York, enjoying all that AmEx cardmember services have to offer. One TV spot breaks today; another will roll out once the tournament gets under way next week. There’s also a Web site,, which has a collection of humorous clips from people who have spotted Andy’s mojo around town and nicely weaves in AmEx programs and offers. Let’s just hope the theme—“Have you seen Andy’s mojo?”—doesn’t carry over into Roddick’s play on the court.

—Posted by Tim Nudd