An Illicit Tryst Ends Wretchedly in This Very Lifetime-y Ad for Lifetime Movies

A student-teacher conference gone wrong

This new commercial for Lifetime Movies (made in-house, with Decon’s Jean directing) reaffirms the A&E network’s “feel-bad movies” brand identity, but in a humorous way.

This time, the bad choice is an illicit (and very illegal) student/teacher affair, complete with a kid they froze into a block of ice around 1994 and thawed out for this ad. No other explanation for that hair makes sense to me. Anyway, their attempted romance is cut short in one of the more GIF-able moments I’ve seen in an ad lately. There’s a weird almost-dignity in that shot that makes it way funnier than it should be.

One noticeable change from previous Lifetime ads is the tagline. “Leave the crazy to us” has become “Leave the bad decisions to us.” The new wording is a considerable improvement, sounding much less dismissive than the previous tagline while still leaning into the brand’s unavoidable reputation.

Hat tip to the costume department for the teacher’s frumpy garb, too.

Client: A+E Networks
Creative Director: Lindsay Ross & Mariclare Lawson
Executive Producer: Ben Asher
Associate Producer: Victoria Youngblood
Production Coordinator: Tierra Johnson

Production Company: Decon
Director: Jean
Producer: Lara Wickes
Production Designer: Lauren Burge
Casting: Neil Myer at House Casting

Post Production Company: Decon
Executive Producer: Misha Louy
Head of Production: Brian Turner
Editor: Sam Goetz
Post Producer: Gwynne Evans-Reid
Sound Mix: Rob Difondi at Sound Lounge
Colorist: James Tillett at MPC