America’s latest epidemic: staying up past bedtime

Sleepychild_2First, it was exercise, then nutrition. Now, sleep is our new national health obsession. Basically, we don’t get enough of it. One study says sleep disorders are an “epidemic,” afflicting as many as 70 million Americans. In just the last few weeks, lack of sleep has been blamed for childhood obesity, traffic fatalities and hypertension. And that’s not even mentioning grouchiness. Thankfully, the pharma industry has come to the rescue, offering a ready supply of Ambien to take the edge off for eight hours, give or take some time spent foraging the fridge. Forget TiVo; a nation of drugged-out sleepers is a bigger threat to advertisers, since a dozing consumer is hard to target. Naturally, Crispin is looking to capitalize on potential higher sleep consumption, having long ago offered a nifty dream decoder for Virgin Atlantic Airways.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey