American Apparel Welcomes an Older Model Into Its Ads

'Jacky' pitches Advanced Basics line

American Apparel takes a break from hypersexualizing barely twentysomething hotties in a new campaign touting its Advanced Basics line. Meet Jacky, a new model with long legs and flowing silver locks. We're told she's a senior citizen, but for now, the year of her birth is undisclosed. As American Apparel CEO Dov Charney told Business Insider, "You don't ask a lady her age." Ha! Good one, Dov—always so classy. Consumer reaction has been mainly positive, with most commenters viewing Jacky's debut as a victory for equality and anti-ageism. I'm not so sure. American Apparel's cutesy crowing over Jacky's senior status while it posts her suggestive leotard shots (she's crotch-happy, not crotchety!) seems just as questionable and manipulative as any of its past forays. Is sexualizing and objectifying seniors preferable to treating younger models the same way? The campaign seems to suggest that no matter who we are—or how old—we'll still get the chance to spread our legs in the name of commerce. And isn't that what the postmodern American Dream is all about?