America plods along laboriously on Dunkin’

Compare Hill, Holliday’s latest Dunkin’ Donuts spot, "Uphill Battle," with the chain’s "Doin’ Things" ad from a few years back. The new spot’s coffee addicts seem kinda pokey, while their 2006 counterparts rush here and there, doing things. Even after sipping, the current crew are awfully mellow, and their uphill progress is plodding at best. They’re drinking coffee, and Dunkin’ doesn’t use heavy trans-fats anymore in its baked goods, so these worker bees should really be energized. Heck, that guy lazing on the tire should be rolling himself to work in that thing! The tagline’s not, "America plods on Dunkin’," unless they’ve changed it, which is possible, because I was too jazzed on Starbucks to sit through the last five seconds. Lord, I miss those trans-fats. And what happened to They Might Be Giants on the soundtrack? That tune really sticks in your head. "Doin’ things is what I like to do!" Oh man, where’s my air guitar?

—Posted by David Gianatasio