Amazon Prime Video Ad Pits the Steelers Against the Texans … Literally

It runs alongside the streaming service's Christmas Day NFL game

Amazon Prime Video drops a hilarious spot for the Christmas Day NFL game.
Prime Video

OK, there’s a tug-of-war battle over a gridiron (a metal pillar used to cook over a fire) between a group of Texans (old white men with ten-gallon hats and well-groomed mustaches) and some steelers (quite literally men who make steel for a living in hard hats). What do you do?

Amazon Prime Video suggests you just sit back and watch.

That’s essentially the scene of a hilarious short spot (below) from Amazon Prime Video, which will run during the NFL Texans vs. Steelers game on Christmas Day, one of 11 games it has been given the rights to livestream on its on-demand service, exclusive to Prime members.

The spot cleverly takes a very literal and amusing play on the NFL Christmas Day gridiron (a term used to describe North American football) game. But, the message is simple and clear—watch Amazon Prime Video.

The Dec. 25 game will be the last of the season livestreamed on Amazon Prime Video.

The ad, created by CP+B’s Los Angeles division, was shot by Andreas Nilsson, an acclaimed music video director and the visionary behind 2013’s “Epic Split” for Volvo Trucks, according to Amazon.

The campaign will be supported with a digital and social media buy.

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