Amazon Goes for Prime Cuteness in This New Ad With a Super Tiny Horse

Our pupils are still dilated

Amazon cutes its way into our hearts with this new spot, in which a tiny horse has trouble making friends. The story here is similar enough to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that it qualifies as a stealth holiday ad, too.

Also, that closeup of Tiny Horse's downcast eyes isn't even fair.

The spot was made by London agency Joint (which surely wasn't infuenced by Wieden + Kennedy London's megapopular dancing Shetland pony for Three back in 2013.) The new ad is a pitch for Amazon's crazy-fast delivery service (through Amazon Prime), and the tiny horse's loneliness is cured with a simple rush order. View the video below, spoiler-free: 

This raises more questions than it answers, though. For example, is it actually possible to order pet-friendly door flaps on Amazon? (Yes.) Second, what specifically did she search for? Results for "tiny horse door" yield a pair of fake diamond earrings as its first result (which may be a message in itself).

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