Alyssa Milano makes playoffs, Mets don’t

Alyssa This Mets commercial from MLB and Fox’s “Actober” ad campaign looks a bit silly now, and yet the postseason must go on, beginning with tonight’s play-in game between the Padres and the Rockies. The Actober video contest continues as well, with fans re-enacting classic postseason moments for a chance at a trip to the World Series. TBS will broadcast a good chunk of the playoffs this year for the first time, but so far its marketing efforts are a bit triple-A. Over at the herky-jerky TBS Hot Corner site, the primary analyst is Alyssa Milano, who in one video asks Trevor Hoffman about pitchers’ “isolationist perspective.” Milano also has her own MLB blog (updated whenever she is not “completely out of the baseball loop”) and is selling her own line of baseball clothing. TBS’s other major contribution is a 600-pound traveling bobblehead named Postseason Pete. The overarching tagline is, “There’s only one October.” Well, that much is true.

—Posted by Tim Nudd