Altoids introduces chocolate mints on eBay

If the crotch-grinding Kotter from that Altoids Sours commercial hasn’t soured you on the brand, check out this special eBay charity auction of the not-yet-released Altoids Chocolate Dipped Mints. “This auction is for three tins of Altoids Chocolate Dipped Mints—they aren’t even out yet!” says the listing. “If you win this auction, you will receive one tin of each flavor (Peppermint, Cinnamon and Ginger). We’ve taken our Curiously Strong mints and dipped them in dark chocolate. This Curiously Strong product will not hit shelves for months. … This is your chance to be the first to own and try them. They are phenomenal! All proceeds from this auction will be donated to the American Red Cross. Shipping is free!” (Guy with fruit hanging from his underwear not included.) Bidding is up to $85. Seems like a good way to make these things seem more valuable than they are.

—Posted by Tim Nudd