Allstate's 'Don't Text and Drive' PSA Crashes Into Theaters

A fright before your film

Nothing quite spoils the holidays like crashing through the windshield of your car because you were texting behind the wheel. Dummy. This PSA from Allstate from Leo Burnett—made in 2010 but driving into theaters this holiday—takes a slow and agonizing look at what could happen when drivers are distracted by gadgets and can't wait to respond to those emails until they're no longer operating heavy machinery. Lest you think they're making too big a deal of this phenomenon, the Department of Transportation says that 6,000 people now die each year, and 500,000 more are seriously injured, because of texting and driving. The spots will be airing on some 14,400 movie screens in a deal with theater ad network Screenvision. That will inevitably pair it with the self-proclaimed "feel-bad movie of the season," The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Might need some mood elevators with your Milk Duds.