Allstate signs a car crash of a sponsorship

Allstate reports that it has signed on as the first insurance company sponsorship for Nascar. It’s a press release that, were it written by a college English major, would no doubt have "extreme irony" scrawled in the margin. Really though, it’s surprising it took this long for an insurer to see stock car races, with their frequent fender-benders and worse, as a good venue for advertising. In addition to becoming the official insurance sponsor of Nascar, Allstate will back an August Nextel Cup Series race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that will be called the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. Few sports are as saturated by advertising as stock car racing, whose winners invariably spend most of their post-race interview time reeling off the names of companies who made it all possible. At the Allstate 400, it would seem more appropriate for the driver who crashes out to offer his praise to the race sponsor. It may be the only way to keep his rates from going up.

—Posted by Trevor Jensen