All’s Well That Doesn’t End Well in Romantic Comedy From Sears

Fun fake trailer wraps with a splat

Here's a fun trailer for a romantic comedy about two lost souls (bloggers, obviously) who reconnect in an airport … with a twist ending. Spoiler alert: Because love is a lot like hurtling headfirst into a giant stainless steel fridge. Also because there's a strong market for anti-rom-com schadenfreude. Especially when the convincing rom-com setup ends in classic slapstick pratfalls. Also because it made you laugh, now come on, buy at Sears. From mcgarrybowen in Chicago. It's a follow-up to the hugely popular beach commercial from the summer. Full credits after the jump.


Agency: Mcgarrybowen, Chicago

Chief Creative Officer: Ned Crowley

Group Creative Director, Art Director: Kevin Thoem

Group Creative Director, Copywriter: Lee Remias

Director of Production: Lisa Burke Snyder

Executive Producer: Marianne Newton

Production Coordinator: Julia Pepe

Music Producers: Marisa Wasser, Morgan Thoryk, Brandy Ricker

Production Company: Supply & Demand Integrated

Director: Matt Lenski

Founder, Managing Partner: Tim Case

President, Managing Partner: Charles Salice

Executive Producer, Partner: Kira Carstensen

Head of Production: Alexis Kaplan

Line Producer: Rita Le Roux

Client: Sears

Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Home Appliances: Eddie Combs

Director of Marketing Strategy, Home Appliances: Jason Ward

Vice President, Sears Integrated Marketing: Robert Raible

Creative Director, Sears Integrated Marketing: Joe Michaelson

Executive Producer, Sears Integrated Marketing: Jan Collins

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