All’s fair in love and war and advertising

It’s not just TV viewers who despise One of its top rivals,, does too. In an upcoming ad campaign, (which is a subsidiary of goes on the offensive against its better-known competitor, lambasting the dating site for, basically, creating standards that are just too darn high. (Consumerist can fill you in on the kind of “pain and ignominy” eHarmony can cause when it bans you from posting your profile.) In the Chemistry ads, eHarmony “rejects” wonder if their “scars,” “outies” or political views cost them dates. The tagline, “Come as you are,” probably promises way more than it can—or should—deliver, especially in this day and age. In any case, classic rockers J. Geils had the ultimate take on the subject, one no online matchmaker has been honest (or edgy) enough to adopt: “Love stinks.

—Posted by David Gianatasio