All of Britain Sings ‘Let It Go’ in Vodafone’s Christmas Ad

You've heard of this song, I presume

"Let It Go" is so played out at this point, some might consider it a lump of coal in their stockings. But that hasn't stopped Vodafone U.K. and RKCR/Y&R from thawing out the Frozen anthem for this minute-long holiday ad.

Directed by Pete Riski through Rattling Stick, the spot shows various "local heroes"—folks who have to work on Dec. 25, including medical personnel, airport staffers and restaurant employees—belting out the lyrics as they watch the Disney film, a Sky Movies selection for Christmas, on their handsets. (That's one festive emergency room! In fact, #PowerToTheFestive is the hashtag.)

"We wanted to bring to life the joy of being able to watch Sky films and TV shows wherever you are this Christmas on Vodafone 4G," says Rupert Williams, RKCR/Y&R's managing director. Vodafone marketing exec Daryl Fielding adds that singing along to this particular number "inspires" folks and helps "lifts their spirits."

The ad feels sincere because it tacitly acknowledges the strong modern connection between holidays and media. Sure, we should probably let the screens go dark and focus on family and friends at this time of year. Still, for many, It's a Wonderful Life, Rankin-Bass marathons and personal favorites of all kinds are essential seasonal viewing. No doubt the chance to enjoy a few mindless minutes of video diversion would be a welcome gift for those tired souls working the Christmas shift.

As for "Let It Go" lifting spirits, I guess it beats another cerebral-cortex freezing chorus of "Jingle Bells." Barely. No it doesn't.