Alex Bogusky set to invent a new capitalism

Alex Bogusky is putting meat on the bones of his plan to spark a consumer revolution. Along with collaborators Rob Schuham and John Bielenberg, he has unveiled nothing less than a roadmap for reinventing capitalism. Bogusky can't leave behind his agency roots in one key area: It's still all about creativity. This new kind of capitalism, he believes, needs to be built by creative people of all stripes. The end goal is a kinder, gentler capitalism that does more than help the rich get richer but "spreads love and prosperity to all stakeholders." The spiel in his presentation is pretty New Agey, opening with water ripples and the disclaimer that the ex-CP+B creative chief isn't a Communist. The overall point—that consumer empowerment, growing inequality and vast structural issues facing our planet are changing economic dynamics—is provocative. There's definitely a chance Bogusky is on to something. He's not alone: Havas Media Lab director Umair Haque is proposing many of the same capitalism reforms based on values like transparency, collaboration and sustainability. Whether what they're proposing—a new kind of capitalism imbued with more focus on meaning beyond the bottom line—is possible is up for debate. Bogusky and crew plan to attempt it through a new open-source brand, Common, which anyone with a sustainable idea can use. The Common brand is devoted to "rapidly prototyping many progressive businesses that unleash creativity to solve social problems." It's an interesting vision and certainly puts a lot more flesh on Bogusky's decision to turn his back on advertising to become a self-styled "consumer advocate." You can watch the entire presentation over at Bogusky's Fearless Revolution site.