Alberta Gets Gross to Make Germophobes Think Twice About Unprotected Sex

Gonorrhea on the rise

When it comes to sex, Alberta seems to be redefining the phrase "getting freaky." Already home to Canada's highest rate of syphilis, the province is now seeing a rise in gonorrhea, leading health officials to launch an unsettling ad campaign called "Sex Germs."

The concept is that residents who are careful about avoiding germs such as the common cold virus clearly aren't as careful about sexually transmitted diseases. "We seem to have developed good habits in avoiding everyday germs," the campaign site asks, "but what about sex germs?"

Targeted at the 18- to 24-year-old crowd, the ads from agency Calder Bateman feature models sporting a communicable-disease-chic red eye/snot combo with a caption like, "His cold is just one thing you could catch."

This is a follow-up to Alberta's "Plenty of Syph" campaign against syphilis. As an STD awareness campaign, it's a little reminiscent of Trojan's "I got you gonorrhea for your 21st birthday" commercial from 2009 and far less exciting than Toronto's "Attack of the Cursed Syphilis" poster campaign. It's also grosser than this French commercial with guys in STD costumes chasing scantily clad lovers, but way less weird.

Check out the TV spot below and two posters after the jump.