Air New Zealand Crashes and Burns With Insipid Hasselhoff Video

Air New Zealand's sub-muppet mascot Rico could be described as appealing only if we change the definition of the word to "grating and unacceptable in the extreme." Likewise, watching the frizzy freak play a talk show host/psychiatrist in this "On the Skycouch With Rico" clip and trade double entendres with goofy pop icon David Hasselhoff could be called amusing. But only if we agree that "amusing" now means "cringe-worthy and stultifying; a brain-boggling waste of time." As for the Hoff's fellatio face, oral sex hand gestures and revelation that he found it "hard—a lot" working with the scantily clad babes of Baywatch . . . well, let's just say these elements could be called right only if we understand the word to mean "unsettling; sleep depriving; trauma inducing; something one wishes one hadn't lived long enough to witness; spawned by Satan; so very wrong."