Air New Zealand cougar contest is grounded

You may remember Air New Zealand from when they slathered their flight staff with body paint last year. Now, their latest campaign is right on target with the apparent overall brand message: that your flight will have a happy ending. The mating habits of the New Zealand cougar are thoroughly explored in the long mockumentary posted below. Neither the notion of flying nor the details of the GrabASeat contest (ostensibly being promoted here) is mentioned in the 2:33 spot. If you're curious, the contest encourages women over 35 to send in pics with their "cougar mates" (who must be at least 10 years younger) to win a trip to a rugby tournament. The spot has sparked outrage from rape prevention groups and women's rights activists in New Zealand. Of course, that didn't stop 60 women from entering before Air New Zealand swiftly closed the contest. I'll admit, there's a lot to be offended by here. For example, my husband wanted to know, "What the hell is wrong with liking Enya?"

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers