Air Force Ad Stretches the Definition of ‘Not Science Fiction’

The U.S. Air Force continues the "It's Not Science Fiction" campaign with a new post-apocalyptic epic highlighting the service's medical rescue missions. Created by GSD&M and directed by Phil Joanou, the ad is definitely a stunning visual display, thanks largely to CGI effects by MassMarket. My only beef with the spot is that it loses some of the subtlety of earlier work in the campaign, which is meant to show a slightly futuristic version of work being done right now. With this installment, I think they might have pushed the concept a bit far with the vertical-landing cargo jets and left viewers wondering, “Wait, that is science fiction, right?” UPDATE: As some commenters note, a shorter version of this spot has been out for a few months. The 60-second version below was just released in the past few weeks.