Agency’s site design hijacked in Argentina

Any day now, the folks at Resource Interactive will launch a new Web-site redesign, which is great news if you’re a shady South American firm looking for something to steal. As they were prepping for the launch, Resource got wind of UVCMS, an "innovative Web design" shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The latter’s site design (above) is a blatant, low-tech ripoff of Resource’s longstanding navigation (below). Here’s a gallery of other comparison shots. While both Resource and I are waiting for a response from UVCMS, the issue will undoubtedly be short-lived. Even if Resource weren’t launching a new design, they probably couldn’t be bothered to wage a legal dispute with a small group of Argentine plagiarists who haven’t updated their site in a year. Still, it raises a thorny question: "Where’s the line between inspiration and plagiarism?" In some cases, it can be impossible to say for sure. In this case, it’s pretty clear.

—Posted by David Griner