posts Subway pitch video online

As part of its bid for Subway’s interactive account, says it was asked for a five-minute video of its executive team. Instead, they made this nine-minute video of themselves learning about Subway’s business and posted it to YouTube. They interview people on the street. They say things like, “If we roll, we roll big.” They even work at a local Subway restaurant. (“Nobody got hurt. Nobody got fired. So I think it went pretty well,” says one team member.) Which is all fine, as pitch materials go. But they keep referring to the video as a “viral,” when in fact there’s nothing viral about it. It might be somewhat compelling viewing for Subway executives and/or immediate family members of the agency team, and of passing interest to people in the business. Beyond that, the chances of anyone passing this video around are slim indeed. Can we stop referring to anything that’s posted online as “viral”?

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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