This Agency Says It Just Invented the World’s Perfect Beer Glass

Or maybe they're just drunk

Coors Light may have its double-vented wide-mouth cans and its two-stage activation bottles, but it doesn't have a monopoly on beer technology. Another Molson Coors brand, Cobra, is out with a notable invention—not with its own packaging, but with a special glass it claims is revolutionary.

London agency Karmarama helped design the glass, with help from hydrodynamics and fluid mechanics specialists and professors at universities including Birmingham University and Imperial College. The futuristic chalice is now in production for release this summer.

The agency says the glass "has a unique channel in the interior facia allowing the liquid to flow smoothly around the glass to the base, creating a whirlpool effect, releasing flavor and aroma and creating the perfect head, all in order to bring to life the beer's 'Impossibly smooth' positioning."

Check it out in action here:

It sounds like bullshit, and maybe it is. But that's the genius of these sorts of "innovations." They're fun, buzzy, not easily disproven—and fit within the larger ambience of beer marketing, where almost everything borders on a lie anyway, and no one even cares. 

The glassware will get an integrated campaign across digital outdoor, press, digital, video on demand and social media. The tone of the work won't do much to convince people of the seriousness of the glass's claims—headlines like "The biggest innovation in pouring since gravity" and "Built by thirsty boffins" sound like April Fools' gags themselves. 

But more power to them—they're going all in on this.

"It's been great to work with Karmarama on such an exciting innovation," says Alison Pickering, brand director portfolio at Molson Coors. "The glassware we think is industry-defining will help create reappraisal of Cobra, adding visual drama at the bar, and ensuring the best possible pint. This is turn should help with our crucial distribution push to list Cobra in the on-trade as we expand into more bars."

"We're proud that this innovation is helping Cobra 'crack the on-trade,' " adds Dickie Connell, creative director at Karmarama. "It's a great opportunity to have further fun with our 'Live Smooth' creative platform and demonstrate its breadth."



Creative Director: Dickie Connell

Head of Creative Production: Danny Baylis

Senior Planner: Matthew Waksman

Professor of Hydrodynamics at Imperial College London: Professor Chris Swan


Creative Director: Dickie Connell

Copywriter: Luke Ramm

Head of Creative Production: Danny Baylis

Senior Planner: Matthew Waksman

Video on Demand Production Company: Kream

Producer: Debbie Impett

Director of Photography: Phil Ashley

Print, Outdoor Photographer: Andy Rudak

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