Agency Post-it-Note Wars Come to Snapchat With Horizon Media’s Geofilter Overlay

It's live until 4 p.m. today

This week started out with a flurry of #canalnotes in the ongoing agency #postitwars. And now, one of the key agencies involved, Horizon Media, is ending the week by taking the battle virtual.

Horizon has created a #canalnotes-themed Snapchat geofilter overlay, which people in the area can add to their snaps between noon and 4 p.m. today. So, when you finish your latest sticky masterpiece, you can share it with a bit of official-looking #canalnotes branding.

Here's the overlay:


Here's what your snaps will look like:

And here's the geographical area where the overlay is available:

Purists may cry foul over this, as much of the charm of #canalnotes, in a digitally obsessed era and business, is that it's so tactile and anti-digital. On the other hand, in any war, you have to be willing to escalate things and try new tactics. (And yeah, agencies in general probably can't resist turning anything grassroots into something more packaged.)

"The #PostItWars have generated a lot of creativity and friendly one-upsmanship amongst agency staffers in the area and elsewhere," says Maikel O'Hanlon, vp of social media strategy at Horizon Media. "We thought it would be a great final salvo to move our mark beyond our windows and onto the snaps of anyone opening the app in the vicinity." 

More #canalnotes extensions are expected from other agencies in the coming days.