Agency names still sounding like law firms

Lord knows advertising is not without its egos. But I would think people whose stock in trade is creativity and branding would do something a little more interesting than slap their names on the door when they open a new agency. The rash of boutiques like StrawberryFrog, Mother and Taxi seemed to portend a trend toward funky, memorable names. Stuart even wrote about it. Now, it appears, the industry is regressing. When P.J. Pereira and Andrew O’Dell left AKQA in January to form their own shop, they said they hadn’t chosen a name. Now, seven weeks later, they’ve decided on one: Pereira & O’Dell. Really? Then again, they left AKQA, which sometimes likes to pretend its name stands for “All Known Questions Answered” but which really just features the initials of founder Ajaz Ahmed.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey