This Agency Made a Virtual Claw Machine for Recruits to Play and Win a Job Interview

'Claw your way to the top'

B-Reel is hiring! And it would like you to claw your way, quite literally, to the top.

Remember those deeply irritating claw-machine games that no one can win? B-Reel created a digital version, modeled off an actual arcade claw machine and complete with RFID-enabled prizes.

Use your keypad to control the claw and pick up some decidedly random merch.

The objective is to win a job interview with the maker-driven studio, but not just any kind. The interview could take place while surfing with the chief creative officer, getting a massage, going on a Segway tour … or simply via Hangouts, which is the prize we won. 

We're not very good at clawing. Thankfully, B-Reel doesn't seem to mind: "Smart people—please win. Not-so-smart people, maybe you will win, too," the video helpfully suggests.

The digitized claw game was a team effort, with front-end development, lighting effects, the creation of a custom control board and even 3-D printing taking part. Often, says B-Reel, internal projects lend insight on how to use new tools, and can become creative solutions for clients. "Claw Your Way to the Top" aspires to attract those who'd thrive on just such a process—makers, storytellers and technologists who like getting their hands dirty (even if it's just with pixels). 

It's no Heineken "Go Places," but it's speaking to a very different audience, and is just as cool in its own way. The work went live last week and will run for the rest of the month.