These Creatives Knitted Outfits for Street Signs as a Way of Asking for Clothes for the Poor

Heartwarming OOH ads

Wool is cool again, and yarn-bombing is a thing. In a nod to the trend, a group of Brazilian creatives started "Doe Agasalho," or "Donate Warm Clothes," a campaign that reminds people to offer clothing to the poor.

They're outfitting the human silhouettes on traffic signs with crocheted scarves, sweaters and even little pairs of jeans. A sticker reminding people to donate explains the effort when the fully dressed figures attract looks from passersby.

They've hit nine signs already and plan to do 10 more before month's end. Find them on a sign near you in São Paulo, or follow their Instagram, DoeAgasalho.

"Winter is over in Brazil, but those who live in the streets are still cold," said creative Ian Hartz, who works at Wunderman. "Donate warmth." Check out more photos below.

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