This Agency Intern Recruitment Video Is a Glorious, Grotesque Celebration of ‘Fresh Meat’

Join the cult of Mother at your own peril

Advertising creatives love to harp on a good pun, but rarely do they push it so far into bat-shit territory that it turns into a form of genius.

A new summer intern recruitment music video from Mother takes the “Fresh Meat” metaphor to its event horizon—pounding its hook into a juicy, irresistible mess, just like any good pop song should.

Enjoy a psychedelic trip through a world of dancing, flying, spinning raw cuts—hamburgers, chickens, steaks and roasts, to name a few. There’s homage to Lady Gaga, in the form of a meat wig. There are affirmative lyrics aimed at boosting the self-esteem of sausages. There’s even a meat kaleidoscope. There is so much more (including, in all likelihood, Illuminati references)—but drenched in epic 1980s-style staging and visual effects, the whole thing is basically a Gen X butcher’s acid fantasy.

Sure, it’s a brazen grab for virality, but it’s so funny and rich in ostentatious insanity, who cares? It also probably helps that it’s a near-perfect metaphor for the advertising industry—you might walk in as a choice piece of wagyu, but once you’ve gone through the grinder, you’re sure to come out the other end as a sorry, charred and over-salted beef patty.

Or maybe that’s just life, in general.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.