Agency Fakes Blog Buzz in Case Study Video

It's not great to fake screen shots in your case studies. But German agency Jung Von Matt did just that (accidentally, it claims) in the video below, showcasing a Twitter-bot-powered microsite for a mattress maker—and the supposedly widespread media coverage of it. Ads of the World founder Ivan Raszl was the first to spot the bogus images, including coverage of the campaign on his own site, which Raszl says he never wrote. On Thursday, Raszl posted a mea culpa from Jung Von Matt in which the agency said the whole thing was a mistake and that the fabricated shots were meant for a client presentation. AdFreak found that the video was also submitted to the Favourite Website Awards, where public votes earned it a spot on the short list. Jung Von Matt is notorious for its publicity tricks, and conspiracy theorists might think this could have been an intentional, elaborate play for more blog coverage. "I thought it may be a [media] hack by JVM. They do this kind of stuff," Raszl, who says he generally likes the agency's work, told AdFreak on Wednesday. "They plant a story that we bloggers and journalists write about. Then they reveal. But it's not likely in this case." Probably not. Who would intentionally stage a stunt that makes them look like a hack? Video via Adland.