Agency Creatives Need to Shut Up About Entering Ad Contests, and Here’s Why

Who has time for the National Advertising Challenge?

Attention, creatives: You have actual paying clients, and shouldn't be pissing your time away working on briefs for some cockamamie ad contest. But if you do, at least keep it quiet.

That's the message of this amusing video by agency Zulu Alpha Kilo encouraging entries to Canada's National Advertising Challenge—a contest that challenges creatives to dream up the most unconventional solutions for Canadian marketers. Sounds like fun? Sure, but you'd better not let certain colleagues know you plan to enter.

The winning teams get a trip to Cannes in June. The NAC got 200 entries last year, but hopes to double that this year. The briefs go live March 2, with a deadline of March 30.

"We have big aspirations for the NAC, but we were facing a serious comprehension issue within the creative community," says Ellie Metrick, marketing and communications manager at NAC. "This year's online video goes a long way in explaining that we offer creatives an opportunity to do original work in exchange for a chance to go to Cannes."


Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Client: National Advertising Challenge

Creative Director: Zak Mroueh

Art Director: Ari Elkouby

Copywriter: George Ault

Agency Producer: Tara Handley

Production House: Someplace Nice

Director: Pete Henderson

Account Team: Alexandra Potter

Client: Ellie Metrick

Production House Producer: Robbie McNamara

Video Post, Editing Company: Rooster

Editor: Chris Parkins

Online, Transfer: Fort York

Flame Artist: Lauren Rempel

Audio Post Facility, Music House: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Audio Director, Engineer: Stephen Stepanic

Casting Director: Shasta Lutz