After Facebook Chat, Samsung Surprises Fan With World's Only Personalized Galaxy S III

Decorated with his own doodle

Here's the Internet version of a fairy-tale ending between consumer and brand: Loyal Customer Shane Bennett requests a free, expensive product from Giant Corporation Samsung Canada in a Facebook message, with attached doodle of a dinosaur breathing fire. Giant Corporation declines, responding with a polite rationale and a doodle of a kangaroo on a unicycle. Loyal Customer posts the exchange on reddit, praising Giant Corporation and spawning feel-good media story. As a thank you for the ensuing glut of positive exposure (and smelling opportunity for more), Giant Corporation, with help from Large Agency Cheil Canada, sends Loyal Customer the free expensive product after all (a Galaxy S3, to be exact), personalized with a drawing of the aforementioned fire-breathing dinosaur. Loyal Customer and Giant Corporation live happily ever after. Internet cynics suspect a guerrilla marketing ploy. Takeaway for businesses: If you're not an asshole in customer relations, and you go even just a little bit out of your way to show you have a soul, you will reap the benefits in spades.