Affliction Clothing Now Taking Its Cues From ‘Braveheart’

New spot feels like Levi's, but is still a step forward

Affliction, a clothing brand much maligned by its association with douchebags and its frequent appearances on Jersey Shore, is trying to reclaim some of its hardcore appeal in a new spot called "Truly Live." Produced by Fiction Pictures and inspired by Braveheart (and clearly Mad Max), the spot seamlessly strings together fighting, music, tats and bikes, and actually looks like a rejected Levi's commercial from the "Go Forth" campaign. At least they didn't quote Walt Whitman. The new mantra, "Every man dies. Not every man truly lives," comes from a different W.W.—Mel Gibson's William Wallace in Braveheart—and is a much better fit for the brand. "Truly Live" and "Go Forth" are both born from the same American obsession with exuberant freedom (though Affliction swings off Gibson's nuts a bit more). Still, this is, bar none, the best advertising I've ever seen for Affliction. It even treats women like warriors and not like jiggling eye candy—which, for this brand, is an important move in the anti-douchebag direction.