Adweek’s Podcast Talks Women’s History Month and the Latest Coronavirus Updates

It was certainly a unique episode

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What goes great with a conversation about empowering women? Talking about how COVID-19, of course. Adweek, Getty Images
Headshot of Nicole Ortiz

On a very unique Women’s History Month episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, senior editor Nicole Ortiz talked with audience engagement editor Jess Zafarris and photo editor Kacy Burdette about being a woman in the industry and (because it’s an unavoidable topic) the latest coronavirus news.

Burdette talked about the amazing female photographers Adweek has worked with so far this year on its many print magazine covers and how to create a new normal by consciously choosing women and, in particular, women of color to work with for these projects. She also touched on how the freelance world is being rocked by coronavirus as businesses put pending projects on pause. Zafarris noted where the conversations on social media are taking us in this time and how a trend toward remote working might actually create a more equal space for women since we’re literally all confined to the same playing virtual playing field moving forward.

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@neco_ornot Nicole Ortiz is a senior editor at Adweek, overseeing magazine departments such as Trending, Talent Pool, Data Points, Voice and Perspective.