Advertising’s new beauty queen

New York magazine has made its picks for the 50 Most Beautiful New Yorkers, and there’s one ad-industry person on the list: 24-year-old Tatiana Moses, creative-department coordinator at Merkley. (Did the Speedo pics sink Donny’s bid?) Hoping we wouldn’t seem like a stalker, we called Moses at work to get the story. A few weeks back, she says, she and her boyfriend met some friends in the Wall Street area, and a photographer approached, explained the project and asked to take her boyfriend’s picture. “Can you take mine, too, just for fun?” she asked. In the end, she was chosen, and her boyfriend wasn’t. She says the sudden attention has been “exciting, funny and embarrassing,” and that her co-workers at Merkley have been teasing her left and right. “They’re laughing,” she says. “It’s all in good fun.”