Advertising cleavage upsets Colorado again

For the second time in a week, Colorado has gotten all worked up over an ad featuring boobs. Last week, the town was Colorado Springs, and the boobs were non-human. (Furry and pink, they belonged to Lucy the Slut of Avenue Q, whose bus-shelter poster was nixed.) This week, the town is Aurora, and the boobs are human, belonging to a model advertising the Perky Cups coffee shop—where waitresses serve coffee (and also burritos) while wearing bikinis. The city council deemed the ad legal after people complained, but then the coffee shop's landlord took it down on Wednesday. "I would love to leave it up forever, but I'm getting beat up," owner Jason Bernal said Tuesday. "I want to be a good neighbor, so probably it won't last too long." Bernal said people had stopped in to complain, though one stayed to buy a burrito and coffee. For more about Perky Cups, check out the video below, in which the waitresses insist they enjoy working there, even on "Schoolgirl Thursdays."

—Posted by Tim Nudd