Ads tout British Columbia’s great whiteness

Michael J. Fox, Sarah McLachlan, Ryan Reynolds, Kim Cattrall, Steve Nash and Eric McCormack might seem like a random grouping, but they have a few things in common. They're celebrities, they're Canadian, and—on behalf of Tourism British Columbia—they want you to spend every last cent you have exploring their awesome country. Oh, and none of them is black or Asian. This last fact is a controversial one, as some people are up in arms about TBC's new tourism ads (timed to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver) largely ignoring the province's rich multicultural heritage, aside from a few flashes of Pacific Asian and Aboriginal culture. The assumption is that the ads' overbearing whiteness was deliberate, which seems a bit hasty of a conclusion. Some people aren't mean and racist so much as they're unobservant. All the same, the next ad could have Keshia Chanté in it or something. She needs SAG credits, too.

—Posted by David Kiefaber