Adopt a Chubby, Filthy, Sociopathic Man-Dog Today

The chubby guy clad in a brown track suit in this U.K. cinema spot looks a bit like Luciano Pavarotti. His odd behavior includes eating stuff out of the trash, digging up the garden, urinating in the yard, going berserk at the window when people pass by, and stealing a plush toy from a kid in a stroller. Such behavior reminds me of roommates I had in college. (I'm not sure if Pavarotti ever relieved himself in public, but it's possible. He'd definitely eat anything.) In fact, the man in the spot is portraying a dog named Geoffrey. "The most interesting people aren't people. Adopt a dog, make a friend," the PSA concludes. It touts the good works of Battersea Dogs & Cats Homes, which has been finding loving companions for furry friends in need—though not fat, bearded party animals—for 150 years. Sure, the PSA's memorable, and its heart is in the right place. Even so, I disagree with the overwhelming praise it's received on the Web, and I'd like to pick a few bones. The downbeat narration by actor Bill Nighy and muted mood are needlessly somber. It takes way too long to reach the punch line. And pups are portrayed in a way that doesn't offer much rationale for adopting one. Still, dogs beat cats any day, even when played by humans. Check out whiny, complaining Hubert in this Whiskas spot from 2008. That uncool cat really needs to be fixed. Via PSFK.