Adobe’s New Clothing Line Celebrates Some of the Worst Stock Photos Ever

Take your pick of these hoary visual clichés

Headshot of Tim Nudd

If you've ever hankered for a T-shirt collection featuring classic, awful stock photos—like Happy senior couple piggybacking at the beach, or Firm handshake between business associates—then you're in luck. Try some Adobe Stock Apparel on for size.

The creative and marketing services company recently asked Swedish ad agency Abby Priest for a campaign about Adobe Stock, which features more modern and less cheesy stock imagery. Abby Priest's idea was to emphasize how far the new images are from the old—by creating "a limited-edition clothing line giving a salute to the most infamous stock images creatives love to hate."

Check out some of the T-shirt and sweatshirt designs here:

Abby Priest creative director Oskar Hellqvist talks about the apparel in this Q&A on the Adobe site. "We wanted to pay tribute to what has been before, and then take one last glimpse backwards, before we leave it all behind and move into the new age," he says.

He adds: "Some stock images have earned their place in the history books—classic motifs that have been overused and established as hilarious clichés, known, loved and/or hated by all. … Turning them into a limited-edition clothing line is our way to salute them and an attempt to create something disruptive and unconventional in the genre. The creative community already shares the knowledge and power/humor that is embedded in these images. Hopefully it's something that they will enjoy and wear."

UPDATE: Adobe tells us the clothing is available only for a select audience as part of a direct marketing campaign, and sadly, is not for sale to the public. 

More images below. 

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.