Adman survives a shark attack in Bahamas

La Comunidad founder and executive creative director Jose Molla will take battles with procurement with a grain of salt from now on. Last week, he posted a harrowing account of surviving a shark attack in the Bahamas. Molla was, no lie, out spearfishing when a six-foot-long lemon shark latched onto his right leg. The shark let him go quickly, but not before opening a gaping wound. Molla was able to get to shore and survived a bumpy flight to a chaotic Nassau hospital. He even managed to get several photos to document the experience. In the end, Molla's doing OK, and is seemingly in quite good spirits after the incident. "Seeing a fin in the water is not nearly as alarming as not seeing that we spend our lives worrying about what's irrelevant," he writes on his blog. "I'm convinced that the shark didn't come to take a piece of me but instead to leave me with something. A kind of wisdom that I will never ever forget, written with eighty stitches and my own blood."