AdFreak cracks KFC's secret code

It looks like KFC is getting some buzz out of a commercial it’s breaking tonight that encourages viewers to play the ad again in slo-mo to find a secret code that will allow them towow!get a $1 coupon on a new sandwich. We’re told that a story about the ad just appeared on CNBC, positioning it as a work-around aimed at getting DVR nation to pay some attention to an ad for once. (According to this story at, for some reason ABC is alone in not airing the spot with the stealth information included.) The commercial is also airing at the KFC site, so you could view it here, but it’s really not much of a commercial. And besides, we figured it out already; the secret code is "Buffalo." If you want the coupon, go to the same link and type the word in. And don’t forget to tell ’em AdFreak sent ya.

Posted by Catharine P. Taylor