This ad will leave you wretchedly depressed

We haven’t seen a truly appalling road-safety PSA in a while. Oh wait, here’s one now from those reliable shockvertisers at the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria, Australia. It may or may not improve your safety on the road, but it is guaranteed to ruin your day! It stars a woman who didn’t know anything about curtain airbags when she could have used them most—before an accident that left her brain damaged. There’s no more information about the woman in the ad, on the YouTube channel, or anywhere online—which really ratchets up the exploitative vibe. She’s reduced to being the Brain Damaged Person Who Terrifies You. TAC has been down this road before. They’ve tried humor (notably with last year’s “Don’t be a dickhead” campaign) but they always come back to high-school driver’s-ed style scare tactics. Looks like the success of England’s “Embrace Life” spot (13.5 million YouTube views and counting) hasn’t changed the category much at all.