Ad-Targeting Company Makes Violent Ad Debut on 'Mad Men'

Booze, sex and would-be murder

In Gyro's commercial for ad-targeting firm Turn that debuted during last night's Mad Men season finale, an angry brunette with a gun bursts into an office and opens fire on her apparently philandering husband and a blonde bombshell. (The shooter in the '60s-noir sendup looks like a cross between Jackie Kennedy and Teri Hatcher. Truly the stuff of nightmares—or an erotic fantasy—depending on your point of view.) The bullet moves in super slo-o-o-ow motion, accompanied on its journey by a voiceover: "In 10 milliseconds, Turn delivers your ad to all the right online audiences with deadly accuracy. Never second-guess a decision—at least, not a business one." We never see who, if anyone, eats lead, but there's a microsite that features different outcomes for those with nothing better to do than visit microsites. That said, I guess plenty of advertising pros—the target audience for the product, after all—will probably check it out. If only to steal the idea. Kidding, of course. That kind of thing never happens in this business.