Ad Shows That Hyundais Drive Well Even If You’re Blindfolded, or Not There at All

Who needs a driver, anyway?

To show off its "Smart Caring" driver assistance features, Hyundai set up an empty car convoy, in which a stuntman (who was blindfolded, mind you) led a bunch of driverless cars down an empty highway to test their response to some basic driver's-ed-video stuff—namely the cruise control, lane keeping and emergency braking features.

Also, the stunt people who were driving the other cars all leaped from them on to a padded flatbed, which was pretty awesome.

The idea that these cars can drive themselves shouldn't have to fight for my attention in a commercial, so Hyundai may have overdone it with all the extra Volvo Trucks-style stunt work here. But there's really no better way to show off what these cars can do, so we'll call it a wash and say that living in the future is great.

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